Balance Vitality Center COVID-19 Policy

In order to ensure the health of our community and practitioners, the following changes will be made to how we perform services and scheduling. We will adapt as new procedures and protocols are recommended by our licensing boards, the Department of Health (local and national), CDC, and WHO. We strive to hold the highest health standards so we may all succeed in health and healing in these times. If you do not pass screening (including mask), you will be denied service. If it appears you may have COVID-19 or a related syndrome, we will assist you in contacting the NM Dept of Health.


  • Pre-screening
    • 24 hours before your appointment you will be called and questioned regarding the related signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and COVID syndromes
    • Reminded to wear your own mask (non-surgical) to the appointment, please bring a pen as well if you need to take notes


  • Day of appointment
    • You will be asked to wait in your car
    • Once your practitioner comes to your vehicle, you will be asked to step out
    • You will need to be masked at all times during the interview and treatment process
    • Please only bring in items you need: keys, relevant bag, water, walkers/cane, oxygen, etc. (not groceries, unnecessary personal items)
    • The practitioner will take your temperature and assess your current COVID risk
    • If you have a fever of 100.4°F or more and match concurrent COVID or COVID syndrome symptoms, you will be assisted in contacting the NM Department of Health
    • Once you have been assessed you will be escorted into the clinic to wash or sanitize your hands in your treatment room
    • If you have a caregiver for assistance getting into the treatment room or onto a treatment table
      • They will need to wear a mask
      • They will be assessed car side as well
      • They will be asked to wait in the car or outside the facility away from doors to our space and leaving respectful social distancing access to neighboring facilities
      • Will be asked to hand sanitize or wash hands when they are entering the facility


  • Changes to the clinic
    • Until further notice we will:
      • No longer offer lobby seating
      • Not treat more than 4 patients in a day
      • We will be disinfecting all surfaces (tables, doors, bathrooms, etc. between clients
      • Always wear a mask
      • Wash or sanitize hands frequently
      • Wear gloves for treatment
      • No longer take cash payments
      • Not be able to provide pens for signing checks
      • Require all paperwork to be done electronically outside the office on your own device (you will be able to access through a computer)



  • If it is found you have lied about any of your signs and symptoms or risk behavior activities, you will be formally released from care by any and all practitioners of Balanced Vitality Wellness Center, LLC



We can only provide services while we have access to personal protective equipment of the level required by our governing boards or departments. Therefore, we are unable to give you any masks for you to receive a treatment. You are not required to wear a medical grade mask, but you must wear one to come into the office.




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