Medical Qi Gong

What is it:

When most people think of Qi Gong, they think of a Tai Chi like exercise. This is true of health or exercise Qi Gong and can be used as take-home practices prescribed by your practitioner. So, what is Medical Qi Gong. It is a methodical treatment in which the practitioner will emit Qi into the organs and pathways of the body to remove or move along stuck energies, and then supplement the health energies of these same areas. But what are the energies? Old emotions, beliefs/patterns, the accumulations of your environment: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. The trials and travails can come and go, but our culture doesn’t teach us to let them go as they happen, they become the stories we cling. When we are ready to change our experience, we need to let these go. Your Medical Qi Gong practitioner assists these changes by removing the energetic debris; pulling off a layer of experience that has been weighing you down.

What to expect:

Come hydrated and dressed in comfortable clothing. You will lie face up on a massage table (or may remain seated if you have difficulty in lying down) and the practitioner will begin the session. Throughout the treatment you may be aware of sensations, temperature change, pressure, movement, these are all part of getting things moving. Some techniques will have include touching the body (shoulder area, back of the body the level of the heart, etc.) and the practitioner may also use sounds. Vibration is a strong therapy to break up stuck energy and can be used to deepen the effect of the treatment. For best effect, relax but stay present. You will still get some benefits if you “zone out” but healing works better when you become present with your experience and condition.

After the treatment:

The practitioner will have removed some of your energetic debris. This means the underlying layer can present itself. Your practitioner may give you recommendations of exercises to practice or other forms of self-expression or healing to help you conquer to old.

Course of treatment:

Depending on the condition, a patient can expect to receive 5-10 treatments.

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