We are pleased to announce we are currently renovating a space next to our treatment offices to offer practice classes in qi gong, yoga, and meditation. In addition, we are excited to house Mountain Path Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy (Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Weapons, and Community) and Light Empowered Wellness and Hypnotherapy (restorative yoga, workshops and private sessions). We are anticipating a grand opening date around the middle of August 2019. Stay tuned for more exciting updates. Check out our remodel progress on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
Balanced Vitality Wellness Center offers multiple healing modalities to catalyze transformation using the ancient tools of energy, herbs, diet, and self-knowledge while recognizing each soul’s individual journey respectfully.
We are excited to announce that Agape Connection is now Balanced Vitality Wellness Center, LLC. Not only do we offer the same great acupuncture and herbs, but we also offer, reiki, craniosacral, prescriptive qi gong, and more. Dr. Melanie Richardson nee Robinson is excited to welcome Chris Richardson to the practice. We have also teamed up with Mountain Path Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy and Light Empowered Wellness and Hypnotherapy to further expand the services we can offer our community.
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Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle way of working with the body
using light touch

Transforming a virtual force to
the spiritual level

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