What Is Prescriptive Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is an energy moving and cultivating practice that follows a series of movements, intentions, and visualizations. As a prescriptive method, also known as self-regulating practice, your pattern is assessed for a diagnosis by a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and a practitioner of Qi Gong works to create a personal practice for the patient to create a continuity of change and put the power of healing in their own hands.

What To Expect During Your Prescriptive Qi Gong Treatment:

Be ready to discuss your symptoms, health history, any restrictions in activity as advised by a doctor, modifications (such as seated) you feel you may need to practice your qi gong set, and any information the doctor feels is pertinent to assessing your case and presenting a diagnosis.  The Qi Gong practitioner will take the guidance of the doctor and work to create a personal movement set to alleviate the chief complaint. You may be guided through several exercises in order to get your qi flowing before being assigned a final set of practices. These can be recorded on your device for later use. The number of repetitions and best time for practices will be covered in your session.